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April 19th Meditation

“So I’ll offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to you, and I’ll call on the Lord’s name.” Psalm 116: 17

The Psalmist wrote this when the ritual of Temple sacrifice was common. Temple sacrifice is no longer part of our ritual. Offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving or gratitude can be part of our spiritual work. Our sacrifice may simply be taking time to be intentional in our faith reflection. I have a habit of believing I will do things once my “to do” list of “must do’s” is complete. Those things I wait to do are often the ones I need to do for my own physical and spiritual health.

The “sacrifice” the Psalmist speaks of can be one of taking time. Taking time from our constant pursuit to “efficiently complete and produce” and offer gratitude to God. Earlier this week I came across this spiritual practice below from Rev. Andy DeBrader, Generosity Officer of the United Church of Christ. I liked its simplicity and offer it to you. I’m planning on incorporating it into my spiritual work.

Spiritual Practice of Gratitude

“Each morning, cup of coffee in one hand and a pen in the other, I spend a few minutes writing responses to the following prompts:”

· 3 things I accomplished yesterday

· 2 things I need to do today


1 thing I’m grateful for

· A self-affirmation

· A fear

· One way I will nurture my heart/soul today

· One act of generosity today

(from “Heartland Conference UCC: Heartbeat of Generosity – nurturing the positive pulse of giving.)

Faithfully Yours,

Rev. Wendy

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