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Weekly Devotion - March 21st

It’s official! We have crossed the Vernal Equinox and now exist in the season of Spring. The time of year many yearn for from the moment the thermometer dips below fifty degrees. The birds are returning. The buds are breaching the surface of the soil. The peepers are uniting in their chorus.

In our yearning for Spring and the warm weather to arrive, we can miss the wonders of faith given each day. We overlook the small wonders of living in the present. So busy and important are we with our lists, schedules, and plans the sacredness of life around us goes unnoticed. Our focus is constantly looking forward to what is next and what we want to see occur, our perception of the present becomes quite blurred.

Pastor Terry Hershey writes of such sabbath moments and calls us to awareness. “Today I needed a reminder of small wonders. Because here’s the deal: when I stop to see small wonders, it is possible to reclaim the fruit of the sacrament of the present moment (of sanctuary)—light, open heart, open mind, kindness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, kindheartedness, tolerance, gratitude, mercy, dignity, second chances and hope. From that place—presence—we choose. And from that place, we are no longer detached, or victims. Because presence is the currency for listening, embracing, and reclaiming that which has been forgotten.”

All our yearning and striving will lead us to bypass the small wonders of each day. Yes, Spring has sprung. God springs in everyday on cold ones and warm ones, sunny ones and snowy ones. We put the limits on daily wonders not God. We will find a greater unity with Christ when we take note of the wonders of his presence in all of life, in all seasons of life.

In Christ,

Rev. Wendy

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